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Performance Training

A vital component to the success of our athletic program as a whole, our Performance Training program serves to improve the overall strength, conditioning, athleticism, and toughness of every student-athlete at Mount St. Mary Academy. The program, administered by Coach Jonathan Reed, is designed to meet the needs of every student-athlete, both in- and off-season. A personalized strength program is written by our strength and conditioning staff and adhered to by each student-athlete year-round.

Philosophy and Goals

  • Our Performance Training program is founded on the 3 Pillars of Success: Leadership, Work Ethic, and Toughness.

  • Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

  • Work Ethic is defined as the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.

  • Toughness is defined as doing what it takes no matter how you feel.

  • Mount St. Mary Academy's athletic teams compete at the highest level in all of the sports the school offers.

  • Training includes weight training, flexibility training, endurance conditioning, high intensity training, interval-based training, linear and lateral speed training, and circuit training.

  • Our student-athletes are encouraged and allowed to participate in multiple sports.

  • We want to train our student-athletes to be as well-round athletically as possible in order to successfully compete in multiple sports year-round.

  • Student-athletes at Mount St. Mary Academy are truly invested in the success of each other. Our teams train together, which helps to foster an atmosphere of cohesion among our athletic programs.

  • Student-athletes are educated in many aspects of the overall athletic experience, such as safety, proper technique and form, nutrition, active recover, sleep, academic requirements for participation in both high school and collegiate athletics, and many more topics.

  • Our Performance Training program is engineered to develop our student-athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally so they are empowered to handle adversity in all forms.

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